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Meet Our Team

At Salt City Curl Co. Salon, we are a learning destination for experienced stylists, accustomed to curly hair. We provide training in advanced curly hair styles and techniques in salon to provide diverse education in the curl community and industry for stylists. 

Every stylist at Salt City Curl Co. values continuing their education and experience in curly hair so their mission is to keep your curls and hair healthy. We welcome all types of specialty because variety is key when building an atmosphere that both stylists and clients can create in.


Knows basic terms and techniques with curly hair, intermediate experience. These stylists are confident and current in curly hair trends, they begin at this level until certification (more advanced questions/concerns may require guidance by senior stylists or management)


Master/experienced stylists certified in curly hair techniques average appointment times may be significantly less and will give more knowledge during the appointment. They offer supervision to stylists and help educate clients in troubleshooting problematic routines, forming a new regime. Given the experience, prices are increased when booked with a senior level stylist.


Independent stylists operate as their own business and abide by separate policies and prices. They are responsible for furthering their own curl education, though the salon does help when available but it is not a program that they are required to follow. Management can only address salon related client issues, but will offer assistance when absolutely necessary.

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