From her beautiful home in the Dominican Republic to the United States, Nicole is always mindful of the trends of the industry. The honesty and kindness she gives throughout her appointment makes her the friend and stylist you can rely on in time of need. Nicole enjoys all aspects of the industry, whether it is a color change, simple maintenance or a full acrylic set, she joins you in expressing style and celebrating personality! Being around various cultures, she thrives sharing knowledge and creating masterpieces with clients. She is known to help past hair mistakes heal and improve in appearance; even with a perm! Connecting with guests through achieving hair goals is one of many reasons why she loves the salon and beauty industry. Nicole has been invited into our specialty assistant program, we are looking for models and clients interested in curl education and meeting our newest creative member! Throughout this assistant program, we educate our stylists in current luxury curly hair techniques to provide our clients with ultimate satisfaction. As this comes with a learning curve, we hope you progress in your curl journey and grow alongside her. If you are new to the curly hair lifestyle, book with Nicole!