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It's all about the people

We believe great things can happen when people are in an enabling environment. One that fosters individual growth, creativity, and collaboration. Being surrounded by like-minded and passionate stylists who can empower each other to meet collective goals. Together we can have a positive social and economic impact on our careers, our families, and the lives of our guests.


Our Values

People before profits.

Communication, not confusion.

Communication, not confusion.

Communication, not confusion.

At Curl Co., we are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer a competitive hair salon booth rental. We believe booth renting is one of the best ways to offer independent hairstylists opportunities in an environment that is fun, relaxing, and conducive to creativity. Booth renting is a great way to manage your own business and guests without the overhead that comes with owning a salon. Whether starting your career or looking for a change in venue, there are some basic things you should know. Check out our Booth Rent FAQ and contact us with any questions. 

Take control of your future

Escape the limitations of typical commission salons and become your own boss. We've carefully crafted an energetic space, along with the leading tools and resources you need to help you succeed as an independent stylist.


  • Client parking

  • Back bar

  • Receptionist

  • Online booking system

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Set your own prices (Booth Rent only)

  • On-site laundry

  • Reception area

  • Salon marketing

  • 24/7 access


  • Additional storage

  • Personal marketing

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How do you know if you have a good culture? It does not mean you are all the same. It doesn't mean you all like the same things or subscribe to the same way of thinking. In fact, we believe in the strength that comes from diversity. The more diverse our backgrounds, the more creatively we can solve them and adapt to changing circumstances. Some signs of a good culture are:

  • Strong Communication between the team

  • There is a shared vision

  • You can feel momentum

  • Friendships are made

  • People are not afraid to speak their minds

  • People feel challenged

  • People want to help each other

  • Negative behavior is not allowed

  • People celebrate and recognition is given often

We find happiness on the journey