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Join Our Team


It's all about the culture

We believe that maintaining a creative and positive environment enables stylists to flourish and grow within the industry.


We cherish passion, loyalty and integrity. With our team efforts being supported by all, we provide our curly culture a safe haven to be and learn.


We invite all like minded individuals to stop in and experience the inviting experience we have to offer to our clients and stylists!


Our Values

People before profits.

Communication, not confusion.

   Postive support for all.

Together, we can.

At Salt City Curl Co, we offer a collaborative and educational environment for new or experienced stylists. Being a speciality salon, we strive to educate all stylists on the newest trends and cutting techniques for curly hair. Not only will you become a part of a salon family, you will help build a community for both stylist and client to thrive in. We love all hair types, you will always be presented with a new opportunity to learn and grow! 

Take control of your future

Take your future to the next level and consider an opportunity stylist for us. Elevate your skills and grow your clientele with a speciality salon supporting you every step of the way! We want to help you succeed in work and life, whether you are styling or off the clock - our practices ensure you have balance.

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The time you spend here with us provides value beyond measure, we are committed to helping you find creative passion in our specialty salon. Our open concept salon allows our clients to engage with everyone. We are a welcoming presence and remain committed in giving peace of mind to our team.

If you enjoy the following, apply now and email your resume to

  • Infusing creative passion with continuing educational opportunities

  • Discovering new skills 

  • Cultivating community within the Salon and Beauty Industry

  • Creating luxury experience 

We find happiness on the journey

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