At Curl Co., we are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer competitive hair salon booth rental in Salt Lake City. We believe booth rental is one of the best ways to offer independent hairstylists awesome opportunities in an environment that is fun, relaxing, and conducive to creativity. Booth rental is also a great way to manage your own hairstyling business without the overhead that comes with owning a salon.

If you are new to hairstyling and are considering exploring employment independence through booth rental, there are some basic things you should know. If you have any questions after reading this post, do not hesitate to contact us.

Renters Are Independent Business Owners

The most important thing to know about salon booth rental in Salt Lake City, or anywhere for that matter, is the fact that the renter is considered by law to be a business owner. If you were to rent a booth from Curl Co., we would not be your employer. That means we would not pay you directly, we would not withhold taxes, we would not provide medical insurance, and so on. This is critically important. Booth renters are small business owners responsible for handling their own financials.

Renters Set Their Own Hours

Booth rental is appealing to many stylists because it offers a high degree of freedom and flexibility. As a renter and small business owner, you are free to set your hours as you see fit. Work only when you want to, during the hours that are most suited to your lifestyle. Work in the evenings if you prefer to sleep in every day; if you are more of a morning person, schedule your appointments to begin as soon as our salon opens.

Renters Are Their Own Marketers

Booth rental at Curl Co. provides a few extra benefits including a receptionist to greet your clients, online booking with a bio on our website, and in-person booking through reception. However, as far as marketing goes, the rest is up to you. We do not specifically advertise on behalf of any of our renters, nor do we recommend one over another to any given client. Each of our self-employed stylists handles their marketing in whatever way they see fit. Remember this, though: the better you market yourself, the more business you will have.

Renters Need Insurance

Because Booth renters are self-employed business owners, they need to protect themselves by purchasing business liability insurance. A good liability insurance policy will protect you against any claims made by dissatisfied customers or other renters. You might also consider health insurance the same way any other business would. If you can afford it, disability insurance can offer you an extra measure of protection should you ever find yourself out of work after an injury or illness.

The Choice of Salon Is Important

There is an old adage in the retail world that says 'location is everything'. That is why you will see businesses competing heavily for prime space in a local shopping district. The same goes for salon booth rental in Salt Lake City. Some salons simply have a better reputation than others do. At Curl Co., we believe our reputation speaks for itself. We are one of the most popular salons in the city due to the incredible hairstylists serving our customers. Our reputation as a quality hair salon instantly adds to your reputation as a stylist.

Salon booth rental in Salt Lake City is highly competitive because we have many great options. We hope you will consider Curl Co. as your place to call home.