"Since I've been at Curl Co, I've actually fallen in love with my job! I get to integrate my experiences from photoshoot+editorial, film+commercial, makeup, barbering, beards, bridal, coloring, cutting, and curly-hair-wrangling all in one! And my clients really are the best...I'm fortunate that they make this, sometimes difficult industry, so worth it."

HOW I GOT HERE: I left a barbershop, and I came to Curl Co, to support the team when it opened.  Caylin (the salon owner) and I went to hair school together, and she opened Salt City Curl Co, bringing the best-of-the-best curly experts. I was SO fortunate to be invited to learn from, and work beside them. Scared to negatively impact their reputation (and my own), I wouldn't offer curly haircuts, until I took in as much education as possible to feel more confident. I don't ever want to add to the long list of horrible haircuts that curly folks have had to suffer through. So several months prior, and after getting my Deva Inspired Education Certificate, I apprenticed a veteran curly master, Max, who I'd credit for teaching me just about everything I know. Ever since, I've adapted my own styles and techniques, but never hesitate to lean over and ask Max for advice if I'm stumped.

As a person with straight (and admittedly grown-out, untamed hair), I just have to tell you, that I've always loved curly hair! It's fascinating! I had several perms as a kid, and even have an adorable one with our family's standard poodle… if you really want me to prove it.