After earning a Bachelor’s degree in English from Westminster College, Max Alexander explored several avenues in life-always with art as the driving force.

Along the way he rediscovered the playful creativity that working with hair affords. In 2008, he attended Paul Mitchell the School.

Combined with a desire for technical precision and free spirited expression Max flourished in a salon setting. There he continued to refine his skill in the architectural nature of straight hair; as well as the sculptural aspect of curly hair. Max also certified as a curly hair specialist. Further, he partnered with L’Oreal professionnel as an educator in 2011. L’Oreal professionnel pushed Max to master color and hair design.

Through L’Oreal professionnel, Max participated in quarterly advanced trainings exploring finishing, foiling, balayaging, product technologies, and design theory. Max has assisted national L’Oreal professionnel portfolio artists; Kristjun Holt and Shelly Moore at fashion events.

With an eagerness for technical mastery and an incurable artistic curiosity, Max hopes to work his way to the stage as a presenter because he enjoys sharing that passion with others. To Max, the greatest joy is to see the light turn on in another artist’s eyes.

Balayage is french; meaning to sweep- as one with skill might do using a color brush beaded with lightener at the very tip. This means applying lightener delicately on a sliver of hair towards the root and then gradually saturating brightness toward the ends. This mimics a very soft highlight as the sun might naturally create. From there, only our desires and creativity limit the potential outcomes.

Pintura can be seen as a similar free hand technique to create depth and contrast for those of us with the curl. Pintura is fantastic for those who don't necessarily care for stripes or for the highlight to "disappear" amongst the curls.