Our Mission

To create a collaborative space where stylists work to make a life, not just a living.


We do this through encouraging collaboration, shared experiences, individual growth, and enabling passionate stylists to work towards a collective goal.

We believe great things can happen when people are in an enabling environment that fosters individual growth, creativity, and collaboration. Together we can have a positive social and economic impact on our careers, our families, the lives of our clients, and of the greater Salt Lake community.

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Our Vision

To be the most desired booth rental salon in Salt Lake City.

  • To create a healthy and creative workspace, free of distractions, allowing for a more productive and pleasant experience for our stylists and their clients

  • To foster growth in our stylists’ businesses and creative pursuits by building connections through like-minded individuals

  • To establish Curl Co. as the driving force behind the growth of entrepreneurship in the Hair and Beauty industry of Salt Lake City


Our Values

People before profits.

Collaboration not competition.

Communication not confusion.

Consideration not contention.


Salon Policies & Procedures

Welcome to the Curl Co. Team! We are excited to get you up and going in your new booth and empower you to build your business. We’ve provided this in an electronic format so that it is readily available to you on your smart phone or by computer. 

Please take time to read this entire section as it is as vital to the success of your business as it is ours.

Curl Co. is committed to providing our stylists with a positive, collaborative atmosphere made of a melting pot of expertise & experience. Aligning how we work is vital to an effective, efficient working environment.


Salon environment

Be ethical and commit honest practices. Do not discriminate against employees, co-workers, or clients based on race, sex, religion, age, or ethnicity. 

Strive to provide a safe working space. Harassment will NOT be tolerated. This may include intimidation, offensive jokes, etc. Malicious gossip, bad mouthing, use of profanity, and violence will NOT be tolerated. 

There should never be yelling, shouting, or raised voices. We are here to serve our clients, and uphold a professional & safe environment. As much is in your control, don't be pulled into salon gossip & negativity. Be a positive light! Let’s build each other up! 


Keep your work & common space neat and clean

Respect the property of the salon, as well as the property of others.  Give respect & dignity to all who enter. Please show consideration to others by leaving the common spaces such as the break room, wash bowls, coffee area, etc clean and ready to be utilized by the next person.

The receptionist is not your personal assistant or butler.  Please clean up after yourself & your clients.


Treat each other with respect

The way we speak about each other says a lot about our character. We recognize there will be differences in opinions, ideas, courses of action, etc, but it is important address each other with basic respect, regardless.  Let’s become experts at problem solving!


Keep your appearance clean and professional

Have a kept up appearance. No “just rolled out of bed” looks. Personal hygiene is a must. We encourage individual style & flavor.  Remember that the way your clients perceive you will not only reflect on you, but ultimately the salon as a whole.


Leave the drama at home

If a problem/disagreement occurs within the salon, please try to work it out respectfully & peaceably.  We can accomplish so much more by working out any issues quickly, and not perpetuating problems.

Please act professional and leave personal issues outside of the salon.


No alcohol or drug use at work

As we share the building with Cafe Niche, we have the unique opportunity to allow guests to enjoy a wine or alcoholic beverage while getting serviced at the salon. However, drinks must be ordered from next door and brought over. If your client is served alcohol, it then becomes your responsibility to make sure they are drinking responsibly. You could be held liable if an intoxicated customer's actions lead to a death, injury or property damage. In no circumstance is any stylist allowed to work under the influence.


If you're sick, stay home

No one wants to get sick. Not your guests, co-workers, or their guests. We understand it can be difficult to cancel appointments, but let reception know and we’ll do what we can to help you re-book your appointments so that you can get the rest you need.


Borrowing products & theft

Theft in the salon will not be tolerated – borrowing without permission is theft. If you borrow from a co-worker, ask and then give it back.

Paying your lease on time

We have had continued problems with people paying rent late, so also effective June 1st 2019, we will begin enforcing a late fee of $20 for any payment not received by the 3rd of every month. We can have an extended grace period until the 8th of every month for unique, and uncommon circumstances. Additionally no commissions will be paid during months in which booth rent is late. We appreciate your timely payment so that we can pay our overhead and expenses and keep things running smoothly for everyone else in the salon.

Product sales helps everyone

Recommending products helps us… helps you… and helps them


We want to all get better as a team

Participate in team meetings and advanced education in the salon.  We welcome ideas & suggestions from you.


Access to client lists

 It’s up to you to be recording their info in your client book, iPad, etc. Downloading of client lists is not permitted for the privacy and respect of all other stylists.


Using the space for events

Due to increased volume, we will no longer be offering this as an option, However, we do encourage furthering education. If there’s a class you would like to schedule, please let us know!


Using someone else’s booth

When no one is there? What if they show up? What about double-booking?

Show everyone respect. Unless you have permission from the current booth renter, or the owners of the salon, you will need to get permission.  Double-booking (when using a booth chair) is permitted only when the 2nd salon chair is being paid for, either by you or by the stylist whose chair you’re using.


Using the salon on a Sunday

Working on Sundays is fine with us, under a few stipulations:  1. All appointments are on the schedule (they should be anyway). 2. Working on a Sunday is one of the days you pay for in your lease.  3. Since we do not pay for a receptionist on Sundays, the front door needs to remain locked so as to prevent theft or anything un-savory from taking place. 


Handling feedback

We welcome your & your clients’ feedback. Please have plausible solutions to problems at the ready. We are here to support you, but remember, you are your own business. We will happily work toward a solution for all parties.



Stylist Satisfaction Survey

We will send this survey out on a Quarterly basis. We use this to give members of our team a platform to express their frustration and give constructive feedback that we can use to improve the overall experience and offering of the salon. It is vital to fill this out regularly so we can track progress over time. This salon is a collaborative model and will only be as good as our collective effort.


Client Satisfaction Survey

We will send this survey out on a regular basis to track our progress and make sure we are always improving the salon. For the betterment of the salon, and to ensure our collective success, please encourage clients to fill out this survey.